Girl Crush no. 3 Veronica Jonsson


I came across Veronica’s blog last summer when I was being absolutely bored and desperately longing for Berlin. It gave me immediate satisfaction: Berlin backdrops, dreamy photographs and girl-on-adventure-stories. I contacted her and we had a little chit chat about photography, having a blog as a creative output and gifs, gifs, gifs.

Denise: Hi! First thing first: where can I find you online?

Veronica: My personal blog:; instagram: @anverjo
Tumblr:, and my professional portfolio

Denise: So, who are you and what is it that you are doing?

Veronica: Oh, I hate presentations. Who am I – how the fuck am I suppose to know that? Well, well..My name is Veronica. I’m originally from a small village in the North of Sweden but live in Berlin now, which makes me very happy. It’s the love of my life. I have a degree in photo journalism and at the moment am I just trying to figure out what to do with my creativity. I love to photograph and to write, but I’m not really sure what to do with my photography and my writing yet.

Denise: Sorry for cheeky question. But I thought it was better if you did it yourself, rather than having me guessing who you are.
When did you start doing photography?

Veronica: I’ve been taking pictures more or less my whole life. I had compact film camera when I was a child and I photographed everything from birthday parties to self portraits to ugly trees. One film roll only contained pictures of a waterfall. Such a waste!
But it was when my mum bought a digital camera that I became a photo-addict!


D: I love your tumblr! I hadn’t seen it before I researched/stalked you for this interview. It’s brilliant! Do you have any idea behind what content goes where?

V: My tumblr is only for gifs. I started it last summer but I haven’t uploaded that much on it yet, because I want them to go well together. But I’m  gonna do and upload more stuff on it!
My blog is where I share most things. Selfies, ‘this is what I’ve been doing today’, texts and thoughts. It’s a bit of my creative output. My instagram is mostly selfies, although I’m trying to share other things every now and then. I think my followers begin to be a bit fed up with my face.
And the portfolio is where I want to present myself professionally. At the moment is it more or less only photography on it and where I present myself as a photo journalist, but I want it to show more sides of my creativity.

D: When did you start your blog?

V: Hmm, I think it must have been autumn 2008. I had just started college. Or perhaps the beginning of 2009. I remember that it felt like such a hubris thing to do. When I talked to my friends about it did I either whisper or spelt out the word blog.
‘Who am I to publish things online and write about my life and show my images?’
But I don’t think about it like that anymore. At least not as much.

D: How do you think it has affected your creativity that you have had a space where you can show and share it?

V: I think it has given me an urge to be more creative! I don’t show everything I do, but having a space which is mine and where I decide everything, it makes me wanna do more and fill that space with something.


12782072_10153228941642130_1728109266_n (1)


D: How was it to have that space whilst you did a degree in photography? Do you think they affected each other in some way?

V: My studies affected my blog – for sure! I had times where I didn’t wanted to touch my camera because I felt too much pressure and anxiety from it. I barely posted anything on my blog during the time I did the final project for my degree. I spent all day taking pictures and, to be honest, felt quite bad all the time. I didn’t want to show my pictures anywhere during that period.
But that degree made me develop much as a photographer, so over all had it a positive impact on my blog.
But I don’t think my blog affected my studies in any particular way.

D: One thing that I wanted to ask you about is the fact that you began to ‘clean out’ your drafts and share blog posts that aren’t completely finished yet. How did that idea come about and how do you dare to do it?

V: That is one way to work a bit with inner pressure and anxiety. I feel quite a lot of resistance to show others what I have made. I have a quite inaccurate idea about my own creativity, but I try to change that and this is one way of doing that is just to let things go. But it’s a pretty difficult thing to do, to be honest.

D: It had never crossed my mind that one could do that.

V: I don’t know where the idea came from. But yeah, well, it’s on now. I’m trying to reduce my self-censorship. Rather make a post and upload it than to write a post and then save it as a draft.


D: I don’t want to take up to much of your time. So let’s move on and talk about gifs! That’s kind of your thing, issn’t it?

V: Yes I love gifs! They can be so playful and it’s such an interesting way to work with images. It’s definitely where I find most of my inspiration at them moment.


D: You seem to make quite a few of them. What’s the process behind them? 

V: I plan some of them beforehand. I get an idea, think about how I could realise it and then I just go for it. Like the one where there is pink paint dripping from my face or the one I did quite recently where I appear multiple times in one image.

Other times is it more that I sit and play around in Photoshop and then there’s a gif.

D: What makes a good gif?

V: Hm, never really thought about that before, but perhaps when the movement is motivated. Sometimes when I just put together two images and there is a slight movement can I feel that that’s not really a great gif. However, it can still be an interesting way to present an image. It doesn’t necessarily have to be super impressive.

D: I agree. It just makes me happy that they’re looping.
At last, do you have an internet crush that you want to share with me?

V: Oh, my biggest internet girl crush is, no doubt, Arvida Byström. I love everything she does! Her aesthetic, how she questions beauty norms.. I even like things that she re-tumblr, heh.


This interview was done on fb the 18th of February. All images and gifs belong to Veronica.


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